About FCYO

Founded in 2000, the Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing (FCYO) is a dynamic collective of funders and youth organizers committed to supporting youth organizing as a strategy for youth development social change. Our mission is to ensure that young people have the resources, capacities, and infrastructure they need to plan leading roles in organizing for a more just and democratic society.  Grounded in deep partnership between funders and organizers, our work is organized around the following goals:

  • Move Resources to grassroots youth organizing groups on the forefront of social justice to help them seize strategic opportunities and address critical needs
  • Increase the capacity of youth organizing groups to build meaningful power and cultivate the strategic leadership and holistic development of young people
  • Connect broad cross-sections of youth organizing groups to share tools and lessons, increase alignment, and sharpen strategies for building power
  • Organize funders to learn from one another, align funding strategies, and expand resources for youth organizing
  • Build knowledge among funders, organizers, and the general public about the impact of youth organizing on broader movement building and individual youth development


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